DICO focuses on informing its members: We inform them about current developments, trends or planned changes to the law. We publish the results of our working groups and committees for our members and would like to make a significant contribution to the concrete and efficient structuring of compliance. We provide information via a wide variety of channels: Through our intranet, regular newsletters, publications and events.



With DICO, you can shape compliance: in committees, working groups or project groups – across the entire spectrum and depending on your area of interest, regardless of whether it involves corporate criminal law, certification of compliance management systems or corruption and human rights. Our committees are led by experienced practitioners from companies, but are deliberately open to members from all areas: companies, associations, science, administration, consulting and politics. We believe that DICO’s interdisciplinary view improves the results.


Businesswoman using hand drawn social networkNetwork

DICO would like to contribute to the networking and exchange between members and provides a wide variety of platforms for this purpose: Corresponding offers on the intranet, events for members or through active participation in working groups and committees. We offer our members the opportunity to expand their personal network through compliance practitioners from different industries and company sizes, representatives of science, consulting, administration and politics.


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DICO offers several extensive databases on the intranet, for example: Regardless of whether you want to access data from the press archive, the link collection or documents and reports of our members. We would like to expand this point considerably in the coming years; ultimately, the Compliance WIKI is to be created, which takes up topics from both a scientific and a practical point of view and offers solution recommendations for companies of all sizes.


Deutscher ReichstagDialogue

We promote active dialogue with the administration, the judiciary and politics. DICO takes a stand and thus also shapes the future development of compliance, also independently of the amendment to corporate criminal law, the planned Employment Data Protection Act or international corruption campaigns such as the Alliance for Integrity.


You Should Know ThisAdvanced Training

DICO develops concepts for training courses – also independent of whether you want to train your employees or yourself. We want to develop standards for further training and the competence profile of compliance managers. We will offer our members seminars on special topics developed by DICO via cooperation partners at a reduced price. At the end of the year we would like to offer free webinars on a regular basis.



We offer our members a variety of services: An extensive intranet with various databases and compliance documents, up-to-date monthly information and events. In the medium term, we would like to expand the spectrum to include publications and discounted seminars.


For company members we also offer


Konferenz Saal


Training examples or access to an extensive collection of our members‘ work results are just two examples. Over the next few months, we will expand these services, such as cost-effective train-the-trainer concepts, concepts for awareness campaigns or recommendations and support for the implementation of tailored and efficient compliance systems. In addition, our DICO company members can have job advertisements from the „Compliance & Governance“ area posted on our site free of charge.



Search Seeking Discover Finding Exploration ConceptInterexchange

We would like to promote the exchange among our company members in particular. In our intranet we provide protected areas for this purpose, where questions can be posted or current topics can be discussed. We plan target group-specific and regional events for our members to support this exchange.



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International Affairs

Compliance is an international issue. We support our members in international compliance issues. We establish contacts to international cooperation partners as contacts in the respective countries. We develop guidelines and recommendations for the implementation of international and country-specific compliance laws.