In order to show you the range of our topics, we present you here short excerpts from our guidelines. Thus you can get a first impression of the work results of our committees and working groups.

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DICO Standards


DICO Working Papers (only in German)

  • A01 – Compliance risk analysis: definitions and basic elements
  • A02 – CMS audits – decision criteria
  • A03 – Monitoring of CM systems 
  • A04 – Indicators for risk assessment of business partners + Excelfile
  • A05 – Exemplary antitrust rules („Dos and Don’ts“)
  • A06 – Basic paper – Introduction and background to export control 
  • A07 – Sanction lists in the business partner check
  • A08 – Works Council co-determination rights in internal company investigations
  • A09 – Dawn Raid-Guideline
  • A10 – Aspects of Information Management in the Context of Business Partner Checks
  • A11 – Possible sample sanction list check for a planned supply contract
  • A12 – Compliance kit for small and medium-sized businesses 
  • A13 – Working paper for internal export control 
  • A14 – Whistleblower systems or whistleblowing systems in the middle class
  • A15 – Process and technology-oriented compliance – opportunity for medium-sized companies
  • A17 – Model process for conducting internal investigations 

Further DICO work results (only in German)

Publications of the Scientific Advisory Board (only in German)

  • April 2021: Minimum Social Standards in the Supply Chain – Current Developments from the Perspective of DICO (Prof. Dr. Lena Rudkowski / AK CSR/Human Rights)
  • May 2021: Personal integrity – Promoting decision-making and compliance as a leadership task (Prof. Dr. Carmen Tanner / Georg Gößwein