Goals and Tasks

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DICO shapes compliance!

For us, compliance is part of shaping good corporate governance. This results in the following approaches:

  • DICO is interdisciplinary!
  • DICO is independent!
  • DICO combines business, science, consulting, administration, justice and politics!
  • DICO transfers science into practice-oriented implementation!

The content of the DICO work is done in committees, working groups and project groups.

DICO takes position!

Informing about compliance means for us to present the topic to the public. We pursue the following goals:

  • Information about compliance and establishment of recognized standards
  • Presentation of DICO as an interdisciplinary, independent and practice-oriented institute
  • Expanding partnerships and cooperation at national and international level in the interest of our members
  • Sustainable positioning of DICO as the German authority for compliance

DICO creates added value!

DICO wants to create a lasting benefit for its members. We therefore align ourselves with the following goals:

  • Actively shaping compliance
  • Practical and scientific information about compliance including a compliance „Wikipedia“
  • Members help members: reviews, implementation models and similar tools to establish and improve the existing compliance organization or to build a new compliance management system
  • Concepts for training and training
  • Expansion of the network and linking between the members
  • Current topics and compliance trends