About DICO


With more than 1000 members, DICO – Deutsches Institut für Compliance (German Institute for Compliance) pursues the goal of setting standards for compliance and qualifications and to further develop the profile of the compliance officer.

DICO sees itself as contact partner for all those interested in compliance in business, associations and legislation. The non-profit association aims to play a key role in shaping good corporate governance in Germany and provides a forum for national and international networking for compliance experts.

Both the expertise of its own members and external know-how flow into the work of DICO. Members include well-known companies and their compliance representatives such as Allianz, BMW, Bosch, E.ON, Merck, RWE, SAP, Siemens, TELEKOM, thyssenkrupp, TRATON, Zalando and ZF.

The association is open to companies and compliance experts from all sectors and intends to take on the interests of SMEs in particular.

DICO was founded on 28th of November in 2012 on the initiative of leading compliance practitioners in Berlin. Our goals and tasks are derived directly from our statute (PDF).

Our General Assembly is the most important body at DICO. Among other things, it chooses the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board. The essential tasks of our bodies are described in our statutes. The content of work at DICO takes place in our different committees: committees, working groups and project groups. The interaction of our bodies and committees can be seen in the following chart: